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Newly incorporated in Ghana in 2013, e-Transactions Ghana Limited is working to become Ghana’s premier Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) platform. Using a state-of-the-art platform, designed and tested by one of the most trusted names in the e-Voucher Distribution business in the world, e-Transactions is focusing initially on electronic airtime distribution, both electronic PIN (e-PIN) and Virtual Top Up (VTU).

e-Transactions will create a network of nationwide agents that will provide services to mobile phone subscribers, to directly sell and recharge airtime of any denomination, from any operator, at any time, using a single device. Other services will be launched once a distribution network is built, to cover Mobile Money and utility payments as well as ticketing, e-banking and other e-financial services.

The use of scratch cards is becoming inconvenient, neither safe nor cheap to handle. e-Transactions introduced a convenient and effective platform that allows agents to sell airtime of any denomination, from all existing operators (6) in Ghana, using portable POS machines , low cost mobile phones or online web portals. Airtel, Expresso, Glo, MTN, Tigo and Vodafone electronic airtime are offered at the same discounted rates that physical scratch cards are offered to the retailers.
For Corporate clients, e-Transactions provides a dedicated online web portal that will allow small, medium and large enterprises to instantly top-up airtime amounts to their employees phones , all from the convenience and security of their offices.

e- Transactions is a unique technology provider, with an extensive experience as a electronic payment processor. We also have capacity to better understand customer requirements and emerging market trends.

Mission Statement

“e-Transactions endeavours to become Ghana's largest and most advanced Electronic Transaction Processor Through establishing anationwide network of agents that bringrecharge, payment services and funds remittance to people, all via a single POS device and using State-Of-The-Art technology.”

Market Overview

Since launching the first cellular mobile network in sub-Saharan Africa in 1992, Ghana has become one of the continent’s most vibrant mobile markets with now six competing operators, including regional heavyweights such as MTN, Vodafone, Bharti Airtel (formerly Zain) and Millicom (Tigo).

The entry of Nigeria’s Globacom as the sixth player in 2012 has delivered another boost to the sector.

Subscriber growth, however, has come at the expense of the average revenue per user (ARPU) which has fallen below US$5 per month for some of the operators.

The voice market is approaching saturation at more than 90% penetration in mid-2013, which translates to approx 20 Million active lines, and almost $100+ Million dollars a month in Airtime sales (Electronic and Physical cards ).

This created a huge potential for new businesses to thrive ,namely the sales and distribution of Physical scratch cards , Electronic Pins and Virtual Topup services, in addition to other services such as Mobile Money , Utility Payments etc...

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